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Genesis photonics inc.  (gpiled)

Digital lighting makes life better


Genesis Photonics Inc (gpiled) has more than 20 years of experience in GaN semiconductor technology and integration capabilities. Since 2002, we have always met customer needs with innovative products, services and quality.


We believe that people's demand for light is not only light, but also high color rendering lighting with intelligent feedback, intelligent digital control of automotive lighting, and highly reliable medical lighting equipment.


Therefore, in the new era of data and information connection, we will continue to focus on integrating the most advanced LED technology into high CRI smart lighting, intelligent automotive lighting, biomedical optics, UVC light disinfection systems, and projection displays for self driving vehicles.


​Based on 20 years of gallium nitride epi technology 


Genesis photonics inc(gpiled) provides blue, green, ultraviolet, and deep ultraviolet light, supplemented by  flip chip technology, including  mini LED, micro LED, and  a series of chip scale package(CSP LED)  used in high color rendering lighting, handheld devices, white goods, UVC medical sterilization, UVA 3D printing , and smart automotive lighting, ADB, HUD AR,  etc., providing customers with full range photoelectric integration services.

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LED Products

LED CSP lighting series

High color rendering LED, Tunable color temp white LED for Studio and Photography need. 

WA, CA (patent)

LED Car lighting series

OE. AM LED Headlights :Zeus- ZGA, ZGM, 

ADB Pixel headlights , ZGP  , HUD:WA (patent),

Motorcycle headlight:CA,

LED flip chip series

Handset flash; Car light ; mini backlight; IOT indicator

ATX (DBR, Finger,Reflector patent), 

LED UVC, UVA series

Disinfection of surface, air , water

(ATX patent),( EPI buffer , structure doping Patent),

LED Pixel ADB:

ADAD Car ADB, multibeam digi control

(ADB patent)(HUD AR Patent)

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Mar,30, 2021

Gpiled launch the ADB solution to our car light customer based on the ADB patent 

Mar. 10, 2021 

Gpiled Car lighting devices are introduced into OE brand electronic truck and vehicle

Feb. 24, 2021

Gpiled Car HUD CSP product with ultra thin thinkness are introduced into OE Brand Car 

Sep. 25, 2020

Gpiled launch dual color turable CSP board LED for studio light

Sep. 20, 2020

Gpiled UVC LED with 20mil,30mil,40mil,45mil chips and uvc led 35353, 6868 pkg are available in the market in disinfection of surface ,air, water.

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LED Flip Chip business,


Ms. Wu / Sale Support


LED Flip Chip package business,


Mr. Chiao / Marketing


LED Car  Lighting business,


Mr. Zen/Manager 


Gpiled LED UVC business

Mr. Lai/Manager 


Taiwan / HQ & Huandong Factory


No.31, Sec. 2, Huandong Rd., Tainan Science Park, Tainan City 741, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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