About GPI

About Genesis Photonics Inc


  Genesis Photonics, Inc (gpiled) founded in 2002 and is located in the southern Taiwan Science Park. It is a front-end park for the semiconductor and optoelectronic industries. Near academic support from Chenggong University, School of Electrical Information, Medical College, Engineering College, etc.

  Genesis photonics inc (gpiled) is committed to the development of nitride optoelectronic semiconductor epitaxial, flip chip, component and module technology products.
To meet the needs of customers to complete their work with unique nitride innovative technical services, we focus on the technology development in the field of smart mobile devices, automotive lighting, and anti-epidemic medical optoelectronics.
Adhering to the three core cultures of listening to customers, teamwork, and innovative services,
Committed to implementing innovative LED technology to enrich human life.


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