The evolution of headlight of  Car:


First of all, intelligent LED projection:

1. Combining information and communication technology to provide drivers and passengers with various entertainment and driving information;

2. Helping drivers reduce the cost of driving, and even surpass the above-mentioned human beings to traditional machinery. One type requires the car to detect the environment through various technologies and make appropriate responses after analyzing the information. It is smart, efficient, and accurately meets the needs.


ECUs, MCUs and sensors are used in various systems. Is the most important element,

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Intelligent display projection, lighting system

GPILED has developed data sensing, processing, and control of digital light output over the past ten years. Among them, the intelligent control of vehicle lights, HUD, and intelligent lighting and AR applications have related technology patent layouts.

ADB pixel LED system :GPILED ADB HUD Patent

The number of deaths caused by car accidents worldwide each year exceeds one million. Among the many reasons, the death rate of accidents caused by night driving due to the limitation of vision perception is higher than that of accidents during the day. Therefore, improving driving visibility during night driving is critical to reducing the number of fatal traffic accidents.


The adaptive drive beam (ADB) can automatically assist the projection range of the lights to help. This advanced driving assistance technology for vehicle headlights can automatically adjust the driver's field of view according to vehicle speed and traffic environment. The ADB system is a significant improvement over manually controlled headlights. R&D manufacturers can cooperate to improve the controllability of pixels such as megapixel DLP headlights or micro LED projection using uafs.


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The development of the latest AR HUD head-up display , which is fully optimized in optics, imaging technology and system unit, combined with the AI ​​technology of processing controller. In addition to providing vehicle information, it can even detect objects and pedestrians on the road, as well as more accurate mapping and route guidance, which can improve the effect of driving assistance.

AR HUD can achieve augmented reality. A very important factor comes from the fact that AR HUD has a wider field of view than other HUDs. The HUD's VID (Virtual Image Distance) and FOV (Field of Vision) are two indicators. VID (Virtual Image Distance), the distance from the human eye to the virtual image; FOV (Field of Vision), the angle at which the virtual image can be presented with the human eye as the starting point.

Generally speaking, when driving, most of the distance you can see is more than 2.5 meters of traditional HUD, but the virtual image distance of traditional HUD is about 2.5 meters, which means that when driving and reading the information on the HUD, the eyeball needs to be zoomed to a shorter distance. The state of the car also brings additional doubts to the safety of driving. Generally speaking, AR HUD hopes to achieve a VID distance of 10 meters and a FOV angle of 10 degrees. This is why we think it is not feasible to use micro LEDs to make windshields.

AR Set:  GPILED  AR Patent

The listed AR hardware includes optical projection systems, monitors, mobile devices, head-mounted displays, head-up displays, and computers. In development, such as bionic contact lenses.

The AR glass uses the principle of optical reflection to project information on the lens, and project the image into the user's eyes through balanced reflection.


The development of AR glasses has not gone smoothly with the development of VR. In recent years, related companies have also reorganized their development direction, working to assist remote group work and long-distance development. Our idea The development of this technology requires a combination of software, computing, and LED optical projection, so the related development will take some time. In the initial stage, the HUD AR for vehicles should be the first. Post-work information projection assistance, and finally to remote work projection and game projection.

AR headset

remote work AR


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