Car lighting 

With the intelligentization of automobiles, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) has become the driving equipment that automobile driving relies on. And LED has also become an important digital light source under the trend of automobile personalization and safety.

The basic models of LED headlight sources include
bifocal lens headlights, matrix headlights, and adaptive multi-beam headlights (ADB) for driving lighting needs. In addition to traditional direction lights, fog lights, daytime running lights, and brake lights . Nowadays, car manufacturers have even introduced LED elements to make daytime running lights and turn signal lights become personalized performance, and full-color ambient light in the car have also become standard equipment.

In addition, the intelligent interactive display information of the
HUD combined with the future big data is an important equipment for driving.

Car lighting CSP series

AECQ102,IATF16949,REACH,RoHS qualified

Genesis photonics inc (gpi) provides a full range of completed solutions that can support automotive lighting design,including LED headlights, LED direction lights, LED daytime running lights, LED fog lights, LED display lights, LED brake lights, ultra-thin LED backlight components for head-up displays, full-color LED ambient lights in the car, etc.


genesis photonics , gpiled zeus, csp.jpg
Headlights (Zeus) : ZGA,ZGM  

The gpiled zeus car headlights CSP series has been introduced from the first generation to many manufacturers of front-loaded heavy-duty truck brands, and it runs 24 hours a day and year-round logistics. After more than two years, it still maintains high-quality performance.


And then qualified by electric trucks, buses, and front-mounted brand lights. 2021, We have launched the Zenu-2 ZGM series including  two chips, three chips, four chips, five chips to six chips, the full series meet the needs of any bifocal lenses, matrix array headlights design.

LED Indicator & Signal (CA, CSP)

In addition to general vehicle direction lights, daytime running light applications, with the rapid development of electric vehicles, the design of traditional water tank shields will be given a key image of brand personality. Among them, adding LED elements to make colorful, dynamic personality performance is important.

Genesis photonics inc (gpi) provides a full range of high-reliability and a variety of color systems to choose car CSP for designers to adopt. Including single color, double color, RGBW full color CSP can be used for exterior and interior color indicated applications.


With the combination of ADAS and 5G big data, the HUD's information display and the feature of directly superimposing the information on the road and streetscape also helps to reduce the interference of virtual information on the driver’s line of sight.

The higher-resolution recognition effect and other technologies enable driving. Get richer and clearer information. Therefore how to reduce the thinness and increase the illuminance of the optical components required by the HUD.

What is an AR HUD?
AR HUD enables vehicles to communicate more information than a traditional dashboard. For instance, the system could indicate how the car interprets the environment, senses dangers, plans routes, communicates with other technologies and triggers ADAS.

In the future, advanced AR HUD will project complex graphics that correspond to objects in the real world. For instance, on a foggy night, when the car’s thermal sensors detect an human, of object, they could highlight their presence to the driver. This way, even if a human eye can’t see the person through the fog, the driver can still react.

pixel headlights ZGP, CSP

Adaptive Driving Beam Headlamp (ADB) is a vehicle lighting system that automatically adjusts the beam. It is currently used in high-end vehicles. This car light device ensures that when driving at night, the car light automatically senses and illuminates the driver's required field of vision, and at the same time protects the oncoming vehicle or the driving of the vehicle in front from being dazzled and causing a traffic accident.

In short,
ADB is a system that realizes active control of road lighting for vehicles, so that they can dim or close part of the light beams according to the input of the vehicle and/or its surroundings. We have developed the csp for ADB of 32 csps , 84 csps , etc in the market and also  the chip on Si tech for the next generation ADB