We provide professional high-performance flip chip technology and CSP packaging technology, including mini LED and micro LED.


We can provide customers with technical products and services, including all aspects of needs, including high performance lighting, backlighting, automotive lighting, ADB, HUD , UVC sterilization, medical optics, etc.


And has more than 20 years of sales and service experience in the LED industry, please contact us. ​International agents are also welcome to contact us.

LED Flip Chip business,


Ms. Wu / Sale Support

EMAIL : fc@gpiled.com

LED Flip Chip package business,


Mr. Chiao / Marketing

EMAIL : csp@gpiled.com

LED Car  Lighting business,


Mr. Zen/Manager 

EMAIL : auto@gpiled.com

Gpiled LED UVC business

Mr. Lai/Manager 

EMAIL : uvc@gpiled.com

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