General lighting CSP

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LED CSP has the function of small size, high wattage, and customized direction fuciton. Therefore, it can be used as a backlight for advertising light boxes, which can reduce the number of lamp beads used and achieve uniform illumination. It is also used for vehicle working lights, daytime running lights, and motorcycle lights. In addition, outdoor street lights and high-illumination searchlights are also the best choice.

Power LED  from PLCC to ceramic 3535  to CSP 1818

CSP is much smaller than traditional Ceramic 3535 , EMC 3535 , same watt buy the size is 70% off.​ Not only csp is good at high power application , for the ultra thin application, csp also deliver the incredible potential.

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LED CSP for High power 150w~500w application:

GPILED provides the unique high power, small light-emitting area and high volume density of LED CSP. It can be used in commercial lighting factories and warehouses with high bay lights (150W~500W),

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High bay lights:Current market PLCC 3030 , Chip COB,  GPILED CSP COB.

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LED CSP for general lighting : 2200k~ 8000k


LED CSP for general lighting : 5700k~8000k


If you have requirements for application products that use GPILED LED CSP, we can also provide you with manufacturer reference