LED CSP torch light 

GPILED provides new possibilities in flashlight lighting applications with innovative CSP LEDs.


Traditional flashlights and work-use head-mounted lighting devices use traditional 3535-size lenses. We provide innovative CSP products that take up half of the space, are smaller in size, and have higher illuminance.

We provide flashlight designs with only one CSP LED  to provide the best lighting experience. Our LED CSP provides high reliability, high illumination, including 10W, 20W, 30W, etc. and the possibility of various color temperatures.


Of course, in addition to being smaller and brighter, its reliability and waterproofness are also highly consistent with user tests.

Evolution of high power LED  from PLCC to ceramic 2525 ,3535 to CSP 1818 ,3535

CSP is much smaller than traditional Ceramic 3535 , EMC 3535 , same watt but the size is 70% off.​ Not only csp is good at high power application , for the ultra thin application, CSP also deliver the incredible potential.

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LED csp torch lights

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LED work lights

The working lights for vehicles currently on the market traditionally use 3535 or 2525 packages with lenses. The LED CSP provided by our technology can reduce the light-emitting area by 70% under the same wattage lumens, which is more convenient for the design of work lights, and also improves the illuminance performance. In addition to the single-chip CA1818 5W and CA3535 20W, we also provide a three-chip 15W solution that can fully meet your lampshade design.

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LED work lights , torch light of bicycle

Module service :

We also provide services to introduce you the module manufacturers using GPILED CSP LED for your reference, including lighting, automotive lamp modules, and various application modules.