Flip chip technology (wire bond free)

DBR Base Reflector & Insulation

  • High Reliability

  • High Reflectivity

  • Area-wide Reflector

  • Silver materials free

Eutectic & Wire bonding free

  • Customized Flip Chip

  • Reflow bonding process by Flux 

  • Reflow bonding process by Solder

  • Customized low temperature solder pad

  • (@150℃ ~ 260℃)

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genesis photonics, gpiled flip chip

CSP LED TECH (Lead frame free)


LED components have evolved from the traditional bracket mode, with the advancement of the flip chip process, supplemented by wafer-level packaging. Produce a variety of new light, thin, short, low, medium and high power lighting products

CSP is much smaller than traditional Ceramic 3535, EMC 3535, with 5w, the size is 70% off.

Not only csp is good at high power application , for the ultra thin application, csp also deliver the incredible potential.


gpiled has ten years of wafer-level packaging technology to offer you the csp solutionincluding high-power, medium-power, low-power, two-sided, three-sided, four-sided, and five-sided luminous designs that can be applied to various customized needs. ex high lumen/area, ultra thin backlight , compact car lighting , etc.

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What do we do after flip chip and csp technology


Genesis photonics inc (gpiled) has held the core concept in LED industry since 2002,

the principles of physical simplification

1.Wire bonding free==>  flip chip LED

2.Package lead frame free ==> CSP (chip scale package

3.Micro LED mass transfer free ==>new process to removed the mechanical mass transfer