GaN supply industry chain

Gallium nitride wide band gap power device is an important material for the third-generation semiconductor and SiC semiconductor to be designed and divided together. Different from the field of optoelectronics, in electronic applications, GaN is grown on a silicon substrate, followed by a six-inch or eight-inch semiconductor manufacturing process plant to make FET devices, and combine them with the subsequent packaging field. The industrial system is based on upstream IC design, commissioned manufacturing foundry, or IDM system, so it is completely different from the optoelectronic GaN LED industry. The semiconductor industry that belongs to the giant can be seen from the recent mergers and acquisitions of start-up companies in European and American factories.

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GaN power device :


Fom theoretical point of view, GaN offers fantastic technical advantages over traditional Si MOSFETs; the technology is very appealing, and more and more players are entering; moreover the lowering of prices could make GaN devices a good competitor of the currently used Si-based power switching transistors. 

Very low internal resistance, compared with similar silicon components, the efficiency can be increased by 70%.


Low resistance can improve thermal performance (highest operating temperature) and heat dissipation, achieve higher power density. The heat dissipation is optimized.

Compared with similar silicon components, a simpler package can be used,


the size and weight are greatly reduced. Very short turn-off time (GaN element is close to zero), can operate at very high switching frequency, and the operating temperature is also lower.

The fast charging applications of GaN in mobile devices and automotive DC/DC power conversion GaN field effect transistors and integrated circuits are very suitable for the in-vehicle drive power system of electric vehicles

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GaN Quick charge


The typical application market for GaN power devices is power supply equipment. Since the structure contains heterojunction two-dimensional electron gas that can achieve high-speed performance, GaN devices have higher operating frequencies than SiC devices, and the withstand voltage is lower than SiC devices, so GaN power electronic devices are more suitable for high frequency, Small size, cost-sensitive, and low-power power supply areas, such as lightweight consumer electronics power adapters, ultra-light power supplies for drones, and wireless charging devices.

The fastest growing of GaN power electronic devices is the fast charging market. Compared with the Apple USB-C charger, the 45W fast charging power adapter with GaN IC integrated GaN solution has the same power, but the volume is reduced by 40%. At present, fast chargers using GaN materials have become a spark and are expected to become the mainstream of the industry.

​GaN EV power device

Gallium nitride (GaN), a wide band gap semiconductor, is also attracting attention in the electric vehicle market. The electrification of automobiles is disrupting the automobile industry. Consumers also want faster charging and longer battery life. Therefore, engineers must design smaller and lighter vehicle-mounted systems. Industrial and automotive applications increasingly require larger power supplies in smaller spaces.

Gallium nitride components have the advantages of high conversion efficiency, small size, etc., can achieve greater energy-saving benefits in high-power applications, and can operate in a higher temperature environment; suitable for in-vehicle electronic conversion applications between 100V-650V





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