LED UVC used for disinfection of surface,air,water

We have accumulated 20 years of epitaxial and flip-chip technology to provide the best UVC epitaxial and flip-chip quality of our own technology, combined with inorganic packaging to provide customers with the best UVC products for surface sterilization, air circulation sterilization, water treatment sterilization, etc. Now we provide the best packages of UVC 3535, 6868 to customers with comprehensive solutions.


Generally, LED UVC manufacturers provide designs for organic bonding, and because UVC has low luminous efficiency, more heat is generated than heat cannot be dissipated, which may cause cracks and therefore design openings, but it will also cause moisture reliability problems. The 100% inorganic package we provide completely solves this reliability problem to meet the design needs of customers in air and water sterilization

1 covid uvc led.JPG
covid plane
covid in car
Air covid
covid air conditioner
ATM surface
Surface Covid
Covid surface Air
Covid Sterilizing water
Vacuum cleaner UVC LED

Single use endoscope by gpiled's csp LED  design

GPILED uses the core flip chip and csp packages to integrate tiny sizes tip such as within 1mm, providing micro LED design, combining CMOS sensor components, and bonding optical fibers. We provide optical LED combination design solutions and provide services for manufacturers of disposable endoscopes. ODM is available . please feel free to contact us for detailed service.

Medical Surgical light

Covid Sterilizing water
Covid Sterilizing water

Sterilizing water by LED UVC

covid plane
covid plane
covid in car
covid in car
covid air conditioner
covid air conditioner

In the past, the application of LED in medical equipment was limited to simple indicators, screen displays, etc.

The continuous advancement of conversion LED lighting technology, using its cold light, narrow wave domain and high color rendering characteristics, can solve the various restrictions on the use of traditional light sources.


LED lighting technology can also be used, and the sleeve is extended to LED shadowless surgical lights, vascular lighting, NBI, oral lighting, LED endoscopes, surgical light wave positioning systems, lesion diagnosis and LED beauty light therapy and other medical applications

GPILED's excellent CSP LED is perfect matched to the need of medical light. The CSP LED is with ultra thin and customized light angle for surgical and medical light .

handset with pulse and blood oxygen monitor

pulse 530nm 

blood oxygen 660nm & 940nm

A typical pulse oximeter and heartbeat design consists of three main LED systems: The optical transmission subsystem includes light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that emit red light (wavelength 660 nm) and infrared light (IR) (wavelength 950 nm). It also includes a green light (wavelength of 530 nm) luminous source, a light detection system, which includes a photodiode that monitors the changes in skin blood vessel volume to determine the heart rate, and calculates SpO2 based on the measurement data

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