Light is Life, the high color rendering LED

Lighting is not just lighting,

LED CSP has the characteristics of light and thin, and derives the characteristics of dimmable high color rendering LED to meet the rich color quality required by human beings.


From places that generally require special lighting, such as museums, exhibition halls, atmospheric restaurants, jewelry stores, etc.


In addition, in the Internet age, for emerging Web creators, the lighting and high color rendering LED lights required by the media can provide Web media creators (such as youtuber, live broadcast hosts) with good image lighting effects.


We are committed to providing the best light, thin, high color rendering CSP, including Ra>90,>95, R9>90 and other lights that can meet the needs of media creators Using our design can be different from the previous traditional COB solutions, adopting a flexible design of light and thin CSP with high color rendering and adjustable color temperature lighting, which can meet the natural light demand of the black body radiation curve lamp body. 



High CRI R9 DCOB spectrum

High CRI R9 DCOB spectrum

Spectrum different light

Spectrum different light

The evolution of light technology


Traditional COB and tunable COB deisgn is a mixed phosphor concept, GPILED's solution is mixed CSPs with two color temp 

Traditional COB is designed by chips on board and coating with yellow phosphor. With the needs of the market, the demand for high CRI and adjustable light color temperature began. Based on the traditional COB technology, it maintains the use of chips to solidify on the circuit board. Two groups of different phosphors are applied to the chips at different positions to control the color temperature. Our design is to use two high CRI 95 CSP and R9 90 that have been made so that customers can adjust the color temperature in the range of 2700K to 7000K to maintain a black body radiation and have a high CRI 95 R9 90.

1 evolution dual cob.JPG

GPILED give you the Best with dimmable dual color CSPS COB Solution.


Light is not just light, gpiled mixes and matches LED CSP dual-color temperature, high CRI, and R9 into a light panel with adjustable temperature. The advantages of LED CSP are small size, high power, and can be densely stacked, dimmable, which is different from the traditional overlay phosphor COB. It is suitable for applications that require high lumens per unit area and high color rendering, such as photography lights, Video lights, etc.

High color rendering LED light can show the most natural and beautiful skin color 

Not only that, light has different color rendering effects on human skin. Traditional bulbs do not have a design that can adjust the color temperature of the light, nor can they maintain high color rendering while having high R9, R12, R15, etc.The D-COB we provide uses dual color temperature CSP with high CRI, R9 color rendering, and can also be developed according to customer needs. Very suitable for use in photography and studio lights

1 cri tech.JPG

LED Projector light 


Based on years of quality experience in high-power lighting and automotive specifications, GPILED has launched the most reliable projector on the market.


It uses LED light source, uses high-specification ATX flip chip, CSP aluminum nitride ceramic package, and uses the highest-grade convex copper substrate thermally conductive PCB. . Give you the best cost-effective experience.

Compared with the products on the market using flip-chips with silver components, _ directly bonded to aluminum metal PCBs, using general lighting dispensing COB manufacturing methods, real machine tests, it can be found that the gel has begun to deteriorate due to poor heat conduction and the performance of the chip. It also declines day by day.

Module service :

We also provide services to introduce you the module manufacturers using GPILED CSP LED for your reference, including lighting, automotive lamp modules, and various application modules.