LED CSP Headlight- Zeus OE qualified. AECQ102,IATF16949,REACH,RoHS qualified

The gpiled zeus car headlights series has been introduced from the first generation to many manufacturers of front-loaded heavy-duty truck brands, and it runs 24 hours a day and year-round logistics. After more than two years, it still maintains high-quality performance.


And then qualified by electric trucks, buses, and front-mounted brand lights. 2021, We have launched the Zenu-2 ZGM series including  two chips, three chips, four chips, five chips to six chips, the full series meet the needs of any bifocal lenses, matrix array headlights design.

Image by Vladislav Bychkov
Image by Vladislav Bychkov

Image by Venu Gopinath Nukavarapu
Image by Venu Gopinath Nukavarapu

Image by Bhumil Chheda
Image by Bhumil Chheda

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Image by Vladislav Bychkov
Image by Vladislav Bychkov


GPILED upholds the automotive production specifications, 

AECQ102,IATF16949,REACH,RoHS qualified

1) High quality encapsulation material

2) AlN substrate 

3) Cu conductive Board

4) 100% X-RAY Quality inspection

5) GPILED excellent flip chip and CSP tech

1 headlight ZGM.JPG

In the aftermarket and modified car market,AM CSP LED Headlight
we also provide high-quality car lamp LED light board services to meet the needs of various car headlights, including bifocal lens and array headlights or the latest high-light pixel headlights.

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If you have requirements for application products that use GPILED LED CSP, we can also provide you with manufacturer reference

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