Free your limitations, LED CSP makes E-cars  more personalized

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Car indicator-OE qualIfied: AECQ102,IATF16949,REACH,RoHS

With the rapid development of electric vehicles, the design of traditional water tank shields will be given a key image of brand personality. Among them, adding LED elements to make colorful, dynamic personality performance is important.

Genesis photonics inc (gpiled) provides a full range of high-reliability and a variety of color  car CSP for designers to adopt. Including single color, double color, RGBW full color CSP can be used for exterior and interior color indicated applications.

Of course, we also provide a full range of products and services on the daytime running lights, fog lights, brake lights, and interior atmosphere lights that are necessary for traditional cars.

Evolution of auxiliary LED component from PLCC to ceramic 3535 to CSP 1818

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CSP LED for exterior and inerior Car light

The traditional LED components using 3535 or PLCC have been converted to use a thinner and lighter CSP design, including direction lights, daytime running lights, auxiliary lights, and can use a single high-power CSP or our uniquely designed two-color high-power CSP. Light shape switching design


CSP LED is perfect matched to the front light desigb of car 

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If you have requirements for application products that use GPILED LED CSP, we can also provide you with manufacturer reference