CA Series-Modified headlight application (Application of modified headlights)

Based on the achievements of flip chip and csp technology in the automotive OE market, we have made every effort to design motorcycle lights and launched a series of cost-effective and highly reliable LED replacement lights and customized lights.


We provide motorcycle lights cooperation with Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia. Including general color temperature or low color temperature and various CSP customized services of different sizes.

We also have the product of work lights for truck, off road car,etc.

Evolution of auxiliary LED component from PLCC 35 to ceramic 35 to CSP 18

LED CSP for motorcycle , jeep headlight
1 motorcycle photo.JPG

 LED CSP work light of truck , jeep , off road lcar , etc.

GPILED's LED CSP is with high lumen per area, it is very good for the work light to provide the much focus and far projection.

We provide full range of LED CSPs are available from single-chip 3W to 20W CSP, providing the best design flexibility for off-road vehicle working lights and auxiliary lighting.

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If you have requirements for application products that use GPILED LED CSP, we can also provide you with manufacturer reference