LED lighting CSP and high CRI dimmable dual color CSPs with R9>90

LED components have evolved from the traditional bracket mode, with the advancement of the flip chip process, supplemented by wafer-level packaging. Produce a variety of new light, thin, short, low, medium and high power lighting products, including used for mobile flash light , torch light, high-quality lighting that includes RA>95, R9, R12 requirements, and color lights,etc. We deliver the high reliable customized CSP to what you need. 


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Spectrum different light
Spectrum different light

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High CRI R9 DCOB spectrum
High CRI R9 DCOB spectrum

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1. High CRI lighting:

from general needs special lighting places, such as museums, exhibition halls,studio light, photography ight medical light ,Aquarium Light , Ambient restaurants,etc.

2.Dimmable high CRI COB(D-COB):

Light is not just light, gpiled mixes and matches LED CSP dual-color temperature, high CRI, and R9 into a light panel with adjustable temperature. The advantages of LED CSP are small size, high power, and can be densely stacked, dimmable, which is different from the traditional overlay phosphor COB. It is suitable for applications that require high lumens per unit area and high color rendering, such as photography lights, Video lights, etc.

3. General lighting :

LED CSP is with high lumen and small area, this is good for high power torch ligh, stage light ,and light box design,high bay lights.

4. Car lighting :

With the rapid development of electric vehicles, the design of traditional water tank shields will be given a key image of brand personality. Among them, adding LED CSP elements (White, Blue,Amber) to make colorful, dynamic personality performance is important.

5.Plant growing LED light :

Blue is conducive to the growth of plant leaves, while red is conducive to plant flowering and fruiting. LED plant growth light is a new type of plant growth supplement light that uses semiconductor lighting technology and is dedicated to the production of vegetables and flowers.

The evolution of  light Device

power efficiency and life time of LED is incredible to make the lighting industry a paradigm shift


In the lighting industry, R9 is becoming more and more important. The so-called R9 is the ability to display red in the color rendering index of lamps. To put it simply, the higher the lamp R9, the more vivid and vivid the effect will be illuminated on occasions such as fruits and flowers.The use of LED CSP high CRI and Ra design can meet your needs for artworks, animals, human bodies, plants, etc. Closed to the spectrum of natural sunlight. 


Traditional COB is designed by chips on board and coating with yellow phosphor. With the needs of the market, the demand for high CRI and adjustable light color temperature began. Based on the traditional COB technology, it maintains the use of chips to solidify on the circuit board. Two groups of different phosphors are applied to the chips at different positions to control the color temperature. Our design is to use two high CRI 95 CSP and R9 90 that have been made so that customers can adjust the color temperature in the range of 2700K to 7000K to maintain a black body radiation and have a high CRI 95 R9 90.


Evolution of high power LED  from PLCC to ceramic 2525  to CSP 1818

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GPILED provides the unique high power, small light-emitting area and high volume density of LED CSP. It can be used in commercial lighting factories and warehouses with high bay lights (150W~500W), advertising box backlights, street lights, work lights, car daytime running lights, motorcycle lights, and car work lights, etc.


GPILED provides world-class flip-chip technology with high performance, high reliability, single-chip high-power CSP is  the best design choice for flashlight manufacturers on the market including LED CSP 5W 10W 20W

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LED work lights

The working lights for vehicles currently on the market traditionally use 3535 or 2525 packages with lenses. The LED CSP provided by our technology can reduce the light-emitting area by 70% under the same wattage lumens, which is more convenient for the design of work lights, and also improves the illuminance performance. In addition to the single-chip CA1818 5W and CA3535 20W, we also provide a three-chip 15W solution that can fully meet your lampshade design.

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Module service :

We also provide services to introduce you the module manufacturers using GPILED CSP LED for your reference, including lighting, automotive lamp modules, and various application modules.