Projector LCOS: LED light engine 120W~200W 

Project COB ( PCOB)

Based on years of quality experience in high-power lighting and automotive specifications, GPILED has launched the most reliable projector on the market.


It uses LED light source, uses high-specification ATX flip chip, CSP aluminum nitride ceramic package, and uses the highest-grade convex copper substrate thermally conductive PCB. . Give you the best cost-effective experience.

Compared with the products on the market using flip-chips with silver components, _ directly bonded to aluminum metal PCBs, using general lighting dispensing COB manufacturing methods, real machine tests, it can be found that the gel has begun to deteriorate due to poor heat conduction and the performance of the chip. It also declines day by day.

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Module service :

We also provide services to introduce you the module manufacturers using GPILED CSP LED for your reference, including lighting, automotive lamp modules, and various application modules.