LED flip chip

Genesis photonics inc (GPILED) develop the high performance DBR base flip chip (ATX series),the world's front-end flip chip technology and patents.


the advantages of LED flip chip 

1.No heat dissipation through sapphire, which can be used with high current density driving;

2.The size can be smaller and the optics is easier to match the ultra thin design;

3.The improvement of heat dissipation function, which improves the life of the chip;

4.The improvement of ESD is good for automotive application.

5.The flip chip  with wafer-level packaging is powerful to reduce the development cycle time

the advantage of gpiled ATX flip chip 

High-reliability DBR/metal design

High transmitting conductive layer

Highly reflective electrode Near-full-angle

total reflection Suitable for the metal eutectic 

LED flip chip application

1.high power flip chip : high current density flip chip: ultra thin request
3.uva,uvc flip chip: adsrobing less

atx patent.JPG

LED high power flip chip

The high-power flip chip can be used in mobile phone flashes, car headlights, daytime running lights, and high-power projection lights, torch light. And the high voltage flip chip product is available. 


LED UVC & UVA flip chip 

UVC led light source can effectively inhibit the growth of coronavirus, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, can be effectively used in medical, water and air purification and other epidemic prevention purposes.

We develop the UVC with our unique flip chip tech to achieve the high performance and good reliability.(gpiled)


For 3d printing,useing 405 nm light (375nm~405nm)to ensure exposure and effectiveness

3d uva.JPG

LED Low power  flip chip (mini led)

Low power flip chip is suitable for ultra thin lighting design, ex key pad, back light , Hud, etc (gpiled)