Ultra thin pad and backlight with  mini flip chip ATX


With the development of flip chip technology, it is easier to realize individualized and thinner devices. Genesis photonics (gpiled) assists customers in developing customized light and thin handheld and small and medium-sized light and thin backlight designs with small-size flip-chip chips. All sizes can be discussed with customers to provide the most suitable ultra-thin design.

With the accelerated popularity of 4k video quality, mini led tv may be forced to upgrade and become the mainstream product under the new content quality. This will drive a new round of recovery in the LED industry, but for small and medium sizes, OLED still has advantages and may not be the main force of mini LEDs.

The size of the MINI LED is about 150um, depending on how many zones are needed for independent control in the TV design. At present, 65" QLED TV has been designed from a cheap and simple design of 1,000 to the latest 20,000 dies. This will be an inevitable upgrade after the improvement of audio and video content, and the price will also quickly drop as LED manufacturers expand production.

This time the wave of TV replacement will be driven by Samsung and Chinese brand TV manufacturers.