Content guides the tide of TV replacement 4K2K ,
mini LED TV

With the accelerated popularity of 4k video quality, mini led tv may be forced to upgrade and become the mainstream product under the new content quality. This will drive a new round of recovery in the LED industry, but for small and medium sizes, OLED still has advantages and may not be the main force of mini LEDs.

The size of the MINI LED is about 150um, depending on how many zones are needed for independent control in the TV design. At present, 65" QLED TV has been designed from a cheap and simple design of 1,000 to the latest 20,000 dies. This will be an inevitable upgrade after the improvement of audio and video content, and the price will also quickly drop as LED manufacturers expand production.

This time the wave of TV replacement will be driven by Samsung and Chinese brand TV manufacturers.

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Image credit: TCL


Image credit: Samsung

in 2021, Samsung launched the Neo QLED TV. LG launched the C1


Let us see the comparison videofrom the Youtuber

Video right :MyGadgetsworld

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​LG C1 series price  (2021 usa)

65-inch: $2,499 (2021)

77-inch: $3,799 (March)

QN90A Samsung Neo QLED 4K (2021usa)

65-inch: $2599.99


As to the nits issue of OLED , let us check the tech youtuber's sharing

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 As to the pad or laptop display, 2021 is the key year for both parties to  strive for dominance and customer preference market share


Apple launched the liquid retina display 2021 ipad pro with mini LED 10,000 dies on 12.9 inch display

​ image right : apple inc.

The high image quality index of OLED, even OLED NITS is not high enough, but it is also sufficient for TVs, laptops and mobile phones. Therefore, Mini LED is considered to be a 4K TV option for price replacement on TVs. Many other brand notebook manufacturers hold the opposite view, believing that OLEDs will still take up replacements for notebook computers and tablet computers, so they launched 4K OLED OLED notebook products in 2021~2022

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Mini flip chip application and our tech and patents

1. At present, in TV applications, people’s demand for 4K images, coupled with the price-performance factor, has been transformed into the investment of various brand factories in 2021. This downward trend in cost is expected to soon become the mainstream mid-level TV choice.

2.GPILED have developed the color transfer film with blue chip tech and own the US patents filed in 2013.


3. Not only backlight, as portable devices use more OLED panels, lighter keyboards, personalized cabinet displays, and thin and light display designs suitable for various IoT devices, these will become a market where Mini LED can display its advantages.