4K content guides the tide of TV replacement,PPI spec of dispaly OLED micro led,mini LED ,micro OLED

Updated: Apr 21

With the accelerated popularity of 4k video quality, mini led tv may be forced to upgrade and become the mainstream product under the new content quality. This will drive a new round of recovery in the LED industry, but for small and medium sizes, OLED still has advantages and may not be the main force of mini LEDs.

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As to the micro LED TV.

Generally speaking, people are accustomed to comparing with opponents. How to make inductive thinking to consider what to do in the future. So this will also lead to misunderstandings of thinking

When someone proposed to use tiny RGB chips to hold the TV, more people came in together to make the same investment but ignored the basic problem (display down sizing, challenge with PPI)

After five years of development, OLED has launched 8K 88" OLED TV with a market price of 29,000 US dollars in 2021, but the micro LED 4k TV is still higher than 110".

In addition, as the micro LED display chips required for watches, mobile phones and car displays have evolved from super large displays to medium to small displays, the technical difficulty continues to increase. So far, there is no mass-produced manufacturer's product. This is actually a conflict of physical principles. Micro LEDs do not have the ability to reduce the mass production cost of high-pixel displays.

Samsung reportedly inks deal to buy OLED TV panels from rival LG Display More evidence of its shift away from LCD By Jon Porter@JonPorty Apr 9, 2021, 7:00am EDT

Perfect oled ppi technogy, although nits is not comparable to LED. And potential in micro OLED >2000ppi for AR,VR project.

micro led is difficulty in down size whole dispaly with low cost

0.2 inch ~100 inch solution with oled, although nits is still a challenge, but is not a problem in indoor application

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