GPI/ GeneLite successfully demonstrate CSP in 2016 LIGHTING JAPAN.


Genesis Photonics Inc. (3383) releases thinner and higher efficiency CSP LED components to the niche lighting、backlighting and automotive lighting markets.

In 2015, Taiwanese leading LED Flip Chip maker Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI) received the innovation award in Taipei AMPA for integrating Flip Chip core technologies into a high power automotive light source solution. And this year, based on its outstanding Flip Chip technology, GPI introduces thinner and higher efficiency CSP LED components in 2016 Lighting Japan. As an advanced LED chip maker and one of a few LED leading companies who owns a full range of CSP products in the world, GPI now is able to fulfill clients’ requirements of extremely high efficiency(>200lm/W)、compact 3C backlighting and high reliability standard in the automotive lighting industry(passed TS16949 certification).


Performance Benchmark: high power and efficiency edge GPI into world-leading LED chip manufacturer.

Based on Flip Chip technology, GPI unveils 10W high-power single-chip and 200lm/W high efficiency CSP component. Seeing the demand of point light source in smaller size, GPI develops 10W 3535 CSP component ZA3-3K which can be operated by over 10W, breaks the restriction of 3535 component can only be driven under 1~5W. Additionally, in order to satisfy client expectations of high efficiency LED chip, GPI introduces CSP LED chip of 2020 package-WA20-3T. It is the smallest LED component in the world that meets the high standard of 200lm/W efficiency, and breakthroughs the size limitation (currently available as 3030 and 5630). The luminous intensity on unit area (lm/mm2) of WA20-3T is world-leading and superior to Japanese and European LED makers.













Compact revolution: world’s thinnest CSP with better lumen output for backlight solution

In the trend of applying ultrathin 3C monitor, GPI introduces the thinnest 0.3mm side view CSP component WAS2003 for smart phone backlight module and the thinnest edge view CSP component WAE1810 for the TV backlight. Both of them are made use of CSP’s higher light output in a smaller size than PLCC. Comparing to the existing 4014 component(0.5W, 120 view angle ,thickness 1.4mm), WAE1810 provides a thinner、brighter and more satisfactory cutting-edge backlighting solution(1W,130 view angle, thickness 1mm).




















Pioneer to automotive industry: GPI upgrades automotive lighting to 2450 lumen

Taking advantages of Flip Chip such as wire-bonding free、dense array、low thermal resistance、high efficiency plus the endeavor in the market and collaboration developments with automotive lighting manufacturers, GPI gradually completed its comprehensive automotive lighting product portfolio covers from single–chip to multi-chip modules and is able to provide more flexible and extensive LED design choices. Making the best use of its technology leading advantage, GPI introduces extremely high lumen ZA9T-12G module for automotive High/Low beam head lamp. ZA9T-12G provides a solution of high-power light which can make out of 305lm/mm2 (2450lm with 5.74*1.4mm emitting area), and it makes GPI can be mentioned in the same breath with first-tier LED companies. Furthermore, GPI begun to sell head light modules in the automotive after-market in 2015, and has cooperated with the auto lamp companies to enter the brand auto companies’ OEM market from 2016.

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